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Planning Process PD

At the Westminster School (Connecticut), teachers got together and discussed their illustrations as part of a professional development group.  See below for more!


Making (L)it Strange

Xander Manshel of Stanford University (CA) dives into the text, connects it to the world, and then explores how to dynamically experience the intersections that emerge.  See below for a closer look.

From Thinking To Doing

This anonymous contributor moves from thought to action, on a scale from individual to group work.  Click below for the full image.


Design Planning

Nils Ahbel distills his approach down to Understanding by Design’s core practices. Click below for the full image.


Different approaches at different times

Peter Nilsson takes several different approaches to planning.  Click below to see the full images.


The text at the heart

Sonja O’Donnell focuses everything on the text: student, teacher, past, future, the broader world, and more. Click below to see the full image.