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Lighting a Fire

Charlie Giglio of Gloversville High School (NY) mixes research with passion to inspire creativity and innovation in his students.  See below for a closer look.


Inch by Inch, Row by Row

Sam Chapin of Deerfield Academy (Massachusetts) plans a class like nurturing a garden, in which questions are the water, prior knowledge is the soil, and the content is the fertilizer for student growth.  See more in the image below.

Options, options, options

For Seth Berg from Telluride High School (Colorado) planning means drawing from a range of lesson options.  See the image below for what those options are.  (The image was damaged slightly by rain while in the mail.)


Hitting the mark

For Mayme Hostetter from the Relay Graduate School of Education (New York), getting class right gets better with practice.


Template included

Petrina McCarty-Puhl from Robert McQueen High School (Nevada) puts standards at the middle, and has two wings to students success: teacher strategies and student learning habits.  Click on the image below for the full picture.

Note: Petrina included a transparency sheet taped across the front of the butterfly–the image can be used as a template, too.


Planning is a journey

Maryann Woods-Murphy from Northern Highlands Regional High School (New Jersey) takes us along on the journey of planning.  Click the image below for the full picture (including the river of wisdom)!


A Recipe for Learning

For Michael Welch of Cohasset High School (Massachusetts), planning is mixture of many considerations.  Click below for the full image.