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Different Time Horizons

Sara Lentricchia of Deerfield Academy (Massachusetts) looks at different time scales: every day, every week, and every month.  See the image below for more on what she looks at during each window.


Seasons of the school year

Shelby Aaberg of Scottsbluff High School (Nebraska) mixes action with reflection to create a classes that are personalized to the students he teaches.  See below for more on how he does it.

Planning to take notes

For Rebecca Moore from Phillips Exeter Academy (New Hampshire), class means that she is taking notes on what her students say, and the plan serves to set up that experience.  Click below to see the details.


Who What Where When Why?

For Heidi Welch of Hillsboro Deering High School (New Hampshire), asks five questions to lead students to engagement and excellence.  Click below for a closer look.


Hitting the mark

For Mayme Hostetter from the Relay Graduate School of Education (New York), getting class right gets better with practice.


From the macro the micro

Anna Baldwin from Arlee High School (Montana) lets the big questions guide the small decisions.  Click below to see the larger plan.


A Week At A Time

Michael Lampert from West Salem High School (Oregon) looks at the arc of an individual unit, with a focus on achieving a goal.  Click for the close up of the image.