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The Front and Back of the Mind

Kayla Corcoran of Deerfield Academy (Massachusetts) balances a number of factors, weighing some more than others at different points in the year.  See below for more of what this looks like


Seasons of the school year

Shelby Aaberg of Scottsbluff High School (Nebraska) mixes action with reflection to create a classes that are personalized to the students he teaches.  See below for more on how he does it.

Always thinking, always planning

Mary Eldredge-Sandbo from Des-Lacs Burlington High School (North Dakota) shows how planning happens all the time.  It’s about reflection–on one’s own, with colleagues, online–and lessons percolate out from and during all these experiences.  See the image for more detail.


From meaningful content to student learning

Sheri Kojima from Waiakea High School (Hawaii) sees relevance as the key to closing the gap between meaningful material and students learning.  Click below to see the full illustration!


Students, goals, and support

Sarah Berndt Moore from Ronald Wilson Reagan Preparatory High School (Wisconsin) illustrates a three step process that includes consideration of many details.  Click the image below for a close up look.


Stages of implementation

George Goodfellow from Scituate High School (Rhode Island) describes a carefully crafted lesson plan with deliberate steps for design.  Click below for the full resolution image.


Every class is a sprint

Katherine Burd focuses on helping every student cross the finish line.  Click below for the full image.